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Textometr is a free online CEFR сhecker for Russian texts. With Textometr, you can easily discover the complexity level of your text in both CEFR and ACTFL scales, count the number of words and characters, identify keywords and calculate lexical diversity coefficient, annotate your vocabulary by CEFR levels, and perform frequency analysis. This tool is essential for language teachers and learners.
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About Textometr

Textometer helps to determine the level of Russian text complexity and calculate other essential characteristics for readers. It can calculate readability indices, analyze the level of text complexity for Russian L2 learners both on the CEFR and ACTFL scales, check the CEFR level of every given word, calculate the number of words and characters, find the keywords of the text, calculate the coefficient of lexical diversity of the text, get a frequency word list from the text, estimate the reading time depending on the task.

CEFR and TORFL level

Text complexity assessment is based on the ML Ridge regression model trained on a corpus of 800 texts from textbooks of Russian as a foreign language and a wide set of linguistic features.

ACTFL level

Text complexity level in terms of ACTFL is met using the CEFR and ACTFL correspondence table in the receptive skills section.


When referring to a resource, we ask you to cite this work:

Laposhina А.N., Veselovskaya Т.S., Lebedeva M.U. and Kupreshchenko O. F. (2018) Automated Text Readability Assessment For Russian Second Language Learners. In Computational Linguistics and Intellectual Technologies: Proceedings of the International Conference "Dialogue 2018". Issue 17 (24), Moscow, 396-406.

More posts about the program:

Laposhina A.N., Lebedeva M.Y. Textometr: an online tool for automated complexity level assessment of texts for Russian language learners // Russian Language Studies. - 2021. - Vol. 19. - N. 3. - P. 331-345. doi: 10.22363/2618-8163-2021-19-3-331-345


project author

Project author — Antonina Laposhina

If you have a question, find a bug or think that some feature is missing, feel free to write to me marked "Textometr". We appreciate any feedback!